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EAT well. WORK OUT smart.
THINK successfully. LIVE happy.

Improving quality of life through health & wellness.
Simple, sustainable strategies.
Less than £1 per day.
On your schedule.

Academy Membership

  • Complete Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset & Accountability Resource
  • Hundreds of videos to accompany the four pillars to success
  • Real Time Workouts on demand
  • Exercise video library
  • Goal based, downloadable 4 week training programmes
  • Live workouts every week with online community
  • Nutrition guides, templates & personalised macro calculator
  • Hundreds of recipes (inc vegan & vegetarian) with macro information
  • Life changing coaching videos to shift habits and sustain success
  • Private Facebook Group with personal access to Claire & James

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It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out, or have been exercising all your life; these guys have got a fitness solution for you. They train smart and teach you to do the same. They are the most incredibly inspirational pair!
Emma E-J
They are super empowering. They provide a really supportive, caring environment and have given me a whole new outlook on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Would completely recommend.
I can't thank Claire and James enough. They genuinely care about what you want to achieve. Whilst I realise this is a business for these guys, but you can't help thinking it's more about helping people that drives them.
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Clients worldwide.
Accessing our life changing method.
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Join The Academy
Just £9.99 For Your First Month
Then £27 a month

That's less than £1 a day
No credit card needed

How else we can help

4 Week At Home Workout & Meal Plans

  • Complete done for you programmes
  • Ibiza Beach Body designed by Claire for women wanting to lose fat and get lean
  • 40+ Back To Fitness for beginners designed by Claire & James for men and women
  • Complete convenience; plans are on demand, on your schedule
  • Workouts under 30 minutes and real time (Claire & James train with you)
  • Delicious balanced and plentiful recipes (inc. vegan and veggie)
  • Lifetime access via any device

Corporate Wellness

  • All the benefits of the Academy for organisations
  • Simple, low cost solution to offer employees as a benefit
  • Customised packages with company logins
  • Accountability and community for employees (ideal for remote workers)
  • Boost employee health and happiness
  • Workplace wellness day retreats and workshops
  • Live online Q&As and seminars available

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14 hours ago


We’ve had a lot of crap thrown at us.

We’ve thrown a lot of crap at each other.

We’ve dived into the darkest parts of ourselves, for each other.

The journey so far has been EPIC.

That’s why.....

Nothing or no one can break this bond.

Love is a work in progress.

And it’s getting better every day as we navigate the highs and lows of life.

If you’ve not listened to our very very honest and open podcast episode (Titled Our Story) on this stuff and more, check it out here:



Thank you all for your love abs support....🙏🏻

Over and out....



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1 day ago


Hey you lovely lot...

We sent this out as a newsletter yesterday and had a fab response so thought you FB peeps might find it useful....

Here it is....


The past week has been a rollercoaster.

Stressful to say the least.

Nothing we can’t handle - but a big fat curveball in our life plans.

So we’ve both felt emotionally drained, sleep deprived and physically low.

I wrote a post on my personal page a couple of days ago about being proud of how, even when there’s turmoil going on, I still exercise.

I still lift.

I eat well - and don’t turn to one of the easiest crutches of all - alcohol.

It’s the same for James too.

And it’s hard when you’re feeling out of whack - not to go off the rails.

Yes - even for us 🙂

But that’s all a side note to what I really wanted to share - and it might seem a little counter intuitive.

You see, when you’re stressed, although exercise is awesome for lifting the spirits, BE CAREFUL that you’re not overtraining.

Even though we’re sticking with our schedule, we’ve both noticed we have less stamina.

And less strength. It’s all a lot harder.

Emotions, stress and a lack of sleep has a nasty habit of doing that.

So - to push ourselves as much as we usually do (and can) - would be a rookie mistake.


Because on a cellular level we’re low.

The stress hormone cortisol is firing.

Putting our Central Nervous System under even more physical stress will only weaken the immune system further - when it’s trying to deal with everything else going on.

Having over trained in the past under extreme stress and personally experienced the negative implications - I recognise that my body is powerful and strong, yes.

But it’s not a machine.

So if you relate to this right now, consider some self care.

Exercise for sure.

Keep up with the schedule.

But pull it back a little.

You’ll come back stronger both physically and mentally.

Sending so much love as always....

Claire & James


We hope you found this useful 😘

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4 days ago


“It changed my life”

“I wish I could have Claire and James on speed dial”


Thank you Anna for this heart warming review.


We can’t tell you how much it means to us.

Changing lives is our mission. Our passion.

More 2020 dates to be added next week (Sep and Oct)


#ibiza #fitnessholiday

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4 days ago


Stepping into the weekend like....


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6 days ago


⏰ For most people wanting to get healthy, a lack of time is one of the most often quoted reasons for not starting.

Which is why an immersive approach often really works for a majority of people.

Immersive in the sense that they can take themselves away from distractions.

🤯 The stresses of every day life - where excuses constantly pull them off course.

That’s why our long weekend retreats in Marbella really work.

Because clients only need to take two days off work, they have a luxury resort to help them relax and rebalance, the food is healthy and delicious and we exercise on the beach in the sunshine.

With mindset and habit shift workshops included - we empower clients to walk away with practical mental and physical tools to sustain a change in lifestyle.

🌴 We’re hosting a retreat at the 5 star Puente Romano, Marbella resort in January 2020 and clients receive a follow on conditioning 4 week programme, as well as on going support.

If you’d like info - just drop us an email:




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