April 27, 2018



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EAT well. WORK OUT smart.
THINK successfully. LIVE happy.

Improving quality of life through health & wellness.
Simple, sustainable strategies.
Less than £1 per day.
On your schedule.

Academy Membership

  • Complete Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset & Accountability Resource
  • Hundreds of videos to accompany the four pillars to success
  • Real Time Workouts on demand
  • Exercise video library
  • Goal based, downloadable 4 week training programmes
  • Live workouts every week with online community
  • Nutrition guides, templates & personalised macro calculator
  • Hundreds of recipes (inc vegan & vegetarian) with macro information
  • Life changing coaching videos to shift habits and sustain success
  • Private Facebook Group with personal access to Claire & James

Join The Academy
£9.99 For Your First Month
Then £27 a month

That's less than £1 a day
No credit card needed


It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out, or have been exercising all your life; these guys have got a fitness solution for you. They train smart and teach you to do the same. They are the most incredibly inspirational pair!
Emma E-J
They are super empowering. They provide a really supportive, caring environment and have given me a whole new outlook on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Would completely recommend.
I can't thank Claire and James enough. They genuinely care about what you want to achieve. Whilst I realise this is a business for these guys, but you can't help thinking it's more about helping people that drives them.
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Five Star Reviews

Clients worldwide.
Accessing our life changing method.
Anywhere on demand.

Join The Academy
Just £9.99 For Your First Month
Then £27 a month

That's less than £1 a day
No credit card needed

How else we can help

4 Week At Home Workout & Meal Plans

  • Complete done for you programmes
  • Ibiza Beach Body designed by Claire for women wanting to lose fat and get lean
  • 40+ Back To Fitness for beginners designed by Claire & James for men and women
  • Complete convenience; plans are on demand, on your schedule
  • Workouts under 30 minutes and real time (Claire & James train with you)
  • Delicious balanced and plentiful recipes (inc. vegan and veggie)
  • Lifetime access via any device

Corporate Wellness

  • All the benefits of the Academy for organisations
  • Simple, low cost solution to offer employees as a benefit
  • Customised packages with company logins
  • Accountability and community for employees (ideal for remote workers)
  • Boost employee health and happiness
  • Workplace wellness day retreats and workshops
  • Live online Q&As and seminars available

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4 hours ago


A man and his dog contemplating life...


#redsky #nofilter

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4 days ago


🔥 Real results from our lovely client Jackie....

Jackie joined Ibiza Beach Body a few months ago.

Then decided to join the Academy.

Then came to our retreat.

14 inches gone since her journey began.

Totally awesome.

Totally inspiring.

We’re so proud and honoured to be a part of it.

The Midlife Mentors

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5 days ago


Last Ibiza retreat of 2019.

What a season it’s been.

Eternally grateful for the success we’ve had and the beautiful people we’ve met.

Thank you to everyone that’s been a part of the journey.

Not just from the retreats, but our growing Academy community, new corporate clients and The Midlife Mentors podcast.


#grateful #newbeginnings #ibizaretreat

The Midlife Mentors

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1 week ago


😟When your body is in a state of chronic stress your adrenal glands start to secrete corticoids (adrenaline or epinephrine, and norepinephrine) which inhibits digestion, reproduction, growth, tissue repair, immune response and inflammatory system functioning. In other words, some very important functions that keep your body healthy begin to shut down.

🔥Over time this leads to burnout – which can take months or even years to recover from – and if left unchecked can create conditions in your body for disease..

It's so critical to take time for yourself and reduce the amount of stress you're carrying in your life.

- Listen to music

- Take a walk

- Exercise (our fave)

- Spend time in nature

- Meditate

- Take a deep breath

- Take a long bath or shower

Do something that soothes you, comforts you, and makes you smile😊

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1 week ago


“Feeling fantastic. We’re having such an awesome week.”

What a beautiful message to receive from our clients who’ve joined us for the last Ibiza retreat of 2019.

Simon and Christie. You rock ✌🏼

#ibizaretreat #fitnessholiday


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