April 27, 2018




What We Offer

Optimal health and wellness should be available to everyone. Which is why offer a few ways to work with us. From memberships and programmes to coaching and coporate benefit schemes – we provide everything you’ll ever need to improve your quality of life; to live happy, eat well, work out smartly and think successfully.


It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out, or have been exercising all your life; these guys have got a fitness solution for you. They train smart and teach you to do the same. They are the most incredibly inspirational pair!
Emma E-J
They are super empowering. They provide a really supportive, caring environment and have given me a whole new outlook on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Would completely recommend.
I can't thank Claire and James enough. They genuinely care about what you want to achieve. Whilst I realise this is a business for these guys, but you can't help thinking it's more about helping people that drives them.
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The Academy

  • Complete Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset & Accountability Resource
  • Hundreds of videos to accompany the four pillars to success
  • Real Time Workouts on demand
  • Exercise video library
  • Goal based, downloadable 4 week training programmes
  • Live workouts every week with online community
  • Nutrition guides, templates & personalised macro calculator
  • Hundreds of recipes (inc vegan & vegetarian) with macro information
  • Life changing coaching videos to shift habits and sustain success
  • Private Facebook Group with personal access to Claire & James


  • Complete done for you programmes
  • On demand, on your schedule
  • Lifetime access via any device
  • At home work outs and easy to follow, delicious meal plans
  • Ibiza Beach Body for women - 4 week training & nutrition programme
  • Women's 7 Day Body Re:Balance nutrition plan
  • Personalised 6 week nutrition and meal plans
  • Coaching calls for extra support from Claire & James

Bespoke One-To-One Coaching

  • Remove the guesswork & get results based on your lifetsyle
  • 6 week coaching packages
  • Personalised training plans
  • Nutrition guidance or personalised meal plans
  • Toolkit to shift habits and sustain success
  • Academy acccess for 6 weeks
  • Coaching calls to support your progress
  • 3 Levels of package to choose from

Corporate Membership

  • All the benefits of the Academy for organisations
  • Offer to employees as a benefit
  • Customised packages
  • Company log in
  • Boost employee health and happiness
  • Organise health webinars or seminars
  • Corporate retreats, days, and workshops

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10 hours ago


Nothing beats Outdoor training to the sound of the sea!

Happy weekend wonderful people ☀️❤️

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23 hours ago


Happy place ❤️


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2 days ago



The aim of this heartfelt post is to create a movement.

A powerful and much needed stand against the damaging, fake, phoney and downright immoral behaviour of people in the ‘body’ industry in particular....(fitness, health, beauty)

This industry in particular because we are in such an amazing position to POSITIVELY impact body image. To help create happier, healthier human beings.

Not the neurotic, depressed and isolated ones I see all the time on social media who are in a constant state of lack and competition. Young women (and men!) that go under the knife and do horrible things to their body to keep ‘up to date’ with the current messed up definition of beauty.

Some examples of the fake and phoney that I want to call out...

❗️Bikini competitors claiming a healthy lifestyle, but using drugs to enhance their looks and performance such as human growth hormones and steroids. Then sell their programmes with a promise that you can look like them.....🙄#nomorals

❗️So called nutritionists peddling 4 week cleanses and meal plans using products FULL of sugar, because they’re involved in a multi level marketing company and make money every time they sell to you 🙄 #sugaraddictionnightmare

❗️Unqualified fitness models or competitors selling workout programmes that could potentially cause long term damage to your body by not teaching proper form. Would we be happy for an unqualified solicitor to handle our property purchase or an unqualified doctor prescribing us medication?! 🙄 #fitnesscharlatans

❗️Ethical beauty products being sold and touted as miracle face lifters, by someone that’s had Botox and lip fillers 🙄 #noshame

❗️And finally PTs airbrushing and reshaping their bodies with fancy apps. There are no words for this tbh 🙄 #bodydismorphia

Call me silly but I’d like to live in a world where people honour and appreciate our differences. Where we make each other feel accepted and loved for OUR INDIVIDUAL version of healthy. Dress size, boob size, lip size....whatever!

Having had an eating disorder in my twenties I’m saddened that this ‘easy to be fake’ world is having such huge negative physical and mental implications.

SO.....what do I want from writing this post?

NUMBER 1: for anyone that reads this to tag, like and share if they feel passionate about turning this around. If you feel the sadness that I do of a society that promotes conformity. Let’s start promoting positive body image and calling for more responsibility and regulation.

NUMBER 2: for anyone reading this that does any of the above to reconsider their actions. Why do you feel the need to be something or portray something you’re not? Let your authenticity and uniqueness shine through. Be you in your light and dark. The world needs that more than an ideal of perfection ❤️

Love to all of you and know that the best you can do is YOUR best. Shut out the noise. Be present and find the health and happiness that lights you up....


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2 days ago


Thrilled to be back at the stunning Puente Romano Marbella for a weekend of fitness, nutrition, mindset and empowerment 🙂

To book for Jan (10-13th)
info@thirtyeightfegreesnorth.comMind, body and spirit nurturing is part of #PuenteLife365 ✨ Today marks the first day of our Fitness Retreat by 38 Degrees North 💪🏼 For more information visit www.thirtyeightdegreesnorth.com/

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2 days ago


❤️ Could the message be any clearer?!

Absolutely love this at Puente Romano, Marbella


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