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EAT well. WORK OUT smart.
THINK successfully. LIVE happy.

Improving quality of life through health & wellness.
Simple, sustainable strategies.
Less than £1 per day.
On your schedule.

Academy Membership

  • Complete Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset & Accountability Resource
  • Hundreds of videos to accompany the four pillars to success
  • Real Time Workouts on demand
  • Exercise video library
  • Goal based, downloadable 4 week training programmes
  • Live workouts every week with online community
  • Nutrition guides, templates & personalised macro calculator
  • Hundreds of recipes (inc vegan & vegetarian) with macro information
  • Life changing coaching videos to shift habits and sustain success
  • Private Facebook Group with personal access to Claire & James

Join The Academy
£9.99 For Your First Month
Then £27 a month

That's less than £1 a day
No credit card needed


It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out, or have been exercising all your life; these guys have got a fitness solution for you. They train smart and teach you to do the same. They are the most incredibly inspirational pair!
Emma E-J
They are super empowering. They provide a really supportive, caring environment and have given me a whole new outlook on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Would completely recommend.
I can't thank Claire and James enough. They genuinely care about what you want to achieve. Whilst I realise this is a business for these guys, but you can't help thinking it's more about helping people that drives them.
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Five Star Reviews

Clients worldwide.
Accessing our life changing method.
Anywhere on demand.

Join The Academy
Just £9.99 For Your First Month
Then £27 a month

That's less than £1 a day
No credit card needed

How else we can help

4 Week At Home Workout & Meal Plans

  • Complete done for you programmes
  • Ibiza Beach Body designed by Claire for women wanting to lose fat and get lean
  • 40+ Back To Fitness for beginners designed by Claire & James for men and women
  • Complete convenience; plans are on demand, on your schedule
  • Workouts under 30 minutes and real time (Claire & James train with you)
  • Delicious balanced and plentiful recipes (inc. vegan and veggie)
  • Lifetime access via any device

Corporate Wellness

  • All the benefits of the Academy for organisations
  • Simple, low cost solution to offer employees as a benefit
  • Customised packages with company logins
  • Accountability and community for employees (ideal for remote workers)
  • Boost employee health and happiness
  • Workplace wellness day retreats and workshops
  • Live online Q&As and seminars available

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1 day ago


😍 We’re overwhelmed

🙏🏻 (And grateful!)

.....for the amount of lovely people joining us for our first two retreats of 2019.

🔥 Easter sold out twice over.

🔥 And the end of May is almost full.


Instead of turn people away we’ve added an EXTRA MAY DATE in Ibiza.

A nice little weekender:

3-6 May
£899 sharing
£999 solo occupancy

Perfect for a bank holiday getaway.

You can book here:

Or email us: claire@thirtyeightdegreesnorth.com

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2 days ago


Love getting samples to try! 😋

Thank you NaturalAmbition

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2 days ago


🤬ITV you should be ashamed.
Fad Diets Strike Again

📺I’ve just seen that ITV has a new show Save Money:Lose Weight.

A noble aim. No quibbles there. Helping people lose weight and save money.

Then I read about the diets…

The All Day Keto (no carbs)
The Radical Metabolism (four day juice detox followed my meal plan)
The 28 Day Vegan Plan (yup, vegan)
Pinch of Nom
…..and the XLS Nutrition Meal Replacement plan.

Guess what? They all lost weight.

(with each diet per month ranging from £300 upwards)


What do all these diets with fancy names and smart sounding pseudo-science have in common?

They put you in a calorie deficit!

☝️Why oh why are shows like this promoting fancy approaches to something so so simple?

Get yourself into a slight (350- 650 a day) calorie deficit and you will lose body fat (not weight!) at a steady and sustainable rate.

Dropping multiple pounds in weeks might sound seductive, but think about it.

If you’re losing weight that fast, you’re not just losing fat, you’re losing muscle.

Losing muscle means your metabolic rate is coming down and you’re getting weaker. You’re in too big a calorie deficit, so your body is bringing your metabolic rate down still further to protect you.

The result?

Sure, you’ve lost weight, but you’ve lost useful, metabolism boosting muscle mass AND your metabolic rate has come down. And then what happens when you start eating more because it’s not sustainable?


☝️You don’t need a “miracle” diet plan. You don’t need supplements. You don’t need meal replacements. You just need to put yourself in a slight calorie deficit by eating and drinking slightly less, and moving your body more.

That doesn’t cost a penny. We coach people all the time who lose body fat, increase muscle mass, get fitter, get leaner, move and feel better and have tons more energy…

No massive dietary changes along with short bursts of exercise.


In fact - get us on that show. Give us one person. I bet we can get them to lose body fat, feel better, look better and spend less money than all the above approaches…

Save Money: Lose Weight….?!

Our advice - ditch the diets, move that body and you’ll be mentally and physically stronger.

Over and out from a frustrated James.

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3 days ago


🔥 Mastering midlife 🔥

How to stay in control, healthy and happy.


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