March 23, 2018

Our Story

"Claire & James are an absolute blessing. Since meeting them I've completely changed my life"

We’re a husband and wife team that are sick of witnessing the damaging affects of the inauthentic, dark side of the health and fitness industry. It’s leading people to yo-yo diet, try faddy quick fixes and be in a constant state of comparison and self-loathing.

It’s our passion and purpose to make a significant shift against this exhausting, one size fits all, social media driven approach. It’s time stressed out, time poor people had access to balanced, knowledgable and sincere information - that doesn’t expect them to look like the latest instagram star or eat like a vegan food blogger.

And the Academy is just the beginning of our mission. A mission that will see us bring to light simple, effective ways to get YOU back in control - and not at the mercy of companies just out for a quick buck. One that empowers you to know your worth, get unstuck from your rut and drives you to become all that you can be.


We’ve run one of Europe’s most successful fitness holiday companies, based in Ibiza, since 2012 – training thousands of clients, including celebrities. We’re also fortunate enough to have many national press recommendations and happy client testimonials.

It’s meeting all these people over the years that’s led us to build and launch the Academy. We understand that most of us have similar struggles, needs and difficulties when it comes to health and wellness – be that physical, mental or both.

So we desperately want to make our years of expertise, knowledge, support, motivation and guidance accessible to WAY more people – not just via our retreats.

We were both in the London corporate rat race for 16 years. So we’ve experienced the stress, emptiness, unhealthy and destructive behaviour that so often comes with it. Doing lengthy workouts and eating well was often the last thing on our mind.

That’s why our approach is perfectly designed for the busy mid lifer; it’s the smartest, quickest, most effective training, alongside a flexible nutrition approach and practical ways to de-stress, feel energised and enjoy life’s pleasures.