September 27, 2018

Corporate Memberships

corporate solutions

Thriving businesses need
thriving employees

Confident, fit, healthy employees lead to greater productivity and a thriving culture.

We offer a complete online wellness solution, created by leading experts, that educates, empowers and supports employees.

Train Smart. Eat Well. Think Successfully.

Our Corporate Membership Package


Employees will be given instant access to our wellness resource platform, which reflects our four pillar method of sustainable success; Training, Nutrition, Mindset and Accountability. The platform houses hundreds of real time workouts for every goal, training programmes, meal plans, recipes, stress management coaching, expert video Q&A sessions and much more. It’s everything you’ll ever need in one online space. Membership is payable monthly.


Employees receive access to our private coaching Facebook community, full of like minded people. Our clients tend to be corporate execs or busy mums, 40+, ABC1 who travel frequently. They seek expert advice, motivation, accountability and support. Many join the live workout every week and long term friendships are formed. We are in this group many times a day and host monthly Q&As. The personal approach is of utmost importance to us.


regular ONLINE

As well as the Q&As hosted in the community, we run regular online Q&A sessions for our corporate client employees. Example topics include hormones and the role they play it fat loss, timing of food for maximum results, why resistance training is essential as we age and coaching techniques to reduce stress and increase happiness. We sometimes also invite other guests speakers to co-host sessions, on topics such as mindfulness.


Simply log in for a wealth of information. There are multiple workout videos, a once a week live workout, and a weekly workout delivered direct to employees inboxes. Busy people need simple solutions.


All fitness levels

There is no required level of fitness. Throughout all the workouts we offer adaptations. We have trained thousands of clients all at different stages of their journey, so we are well versed in getting the best form everyone regardless of where they’re starting from.

Time Effective

Our real time workouts are fast, effective and can be done at home, on your schedule, with zero equipment needed. They last between 15 to 20 minutes and no thinking required. Press play & go.


The online platform can be accessed via any device, anywhere. Clients have their own login details and can view hundreds of workouts, recipes (vegan + Vegetarian options), meal plans and coaching tools, at the tap of a button. Our virtual platform is ideal for those that travel.

Expert Knowledge

We are leading experts in wellness, with 8 years of experience training thousands of clients. Furthermore we have backgrounds in psychology, NLP, coaching and stress management; giving us the perfect toolkit for mind and body.

Daily Support

We are on hand, daily inside the community and value the personal relationships we have with our members. We are also contactable by email. Our passion and integrity means want people to have all the information and support they need to thrive.

the importance of employee health & fitness

less sick days

Fit employees take less sick days and contribute to overall productivity. It relieves the burden on teams and the company.

More confidence

Employees that feel fitter, have more confidence. This confidence increases the likelihood of setting and achieving goals and striving for excellence.

INspires others

People that take care of themselves inspire others. It requires discipline which is often translated into their work ethic.

reduces stress

Exercise reduces stress levels. It increases seratonin in the brain and contributes to a feel good mood.

Copes with Challenges

Due to increased energy and feel good mood, the fit employee is better equipped to deal with demanding situations, which in turn positively benefits the team.


Investing in employee health shows you care and this in turn increases loyalty. Happiness at work is the driving factor to staff retention.

Claire & James are an absolute blessing. Their passion and integrity is infectious and since joining them, I've changed not only my body but my mind.I cannot recommend the Academy enough. It's way more value than my gym membership for so much more."
Teresa, July 2018

There's a great deal of noise and misinformation out there when it comes to mental and physical wellbeing. We are passionate about providing authentic, easy to access, expert knowledge and support to as many people as possible.

And this is why we believe we're the real deal.

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Five Star Reviews

client praise

From novice to expert, there are real time at home workouts, meal plans and group discussion for all levels. The community is welcoming and supportive and Claire and James' knowledge and experyise will ensure you reach your goals. I love having the Academy in my life. You just click from anywhere on any device and away you go.
Clare N
Most significantly is that I've cancelled my gym membership - the Academy has rendered it useless. Claire & James are open, passionate and fun and their enthusiasm and commitment is infectious. The community is also life enhancing. It's ace.
Jo A

Academy Wellness Centre

Weekly Live Workouts

HIIT workouts delivered live in the Facebook group each week – train along with us and other Academy members

Real Time Workouts

The Live HIIT workouts saved and uploaded for you to do when you want. Train in real time.

Body Part Workouts

Circuit based body part workouts from James and Claire uploaded every month. Make your own programme, pick a body part, grab and go.

HIIT Workouts

New HIIT workouts uploaded every month. Focussed on various goals such as fat burning, muscle toning and fitness for you to do at the gym or home.

4-6 Week Programmes

We have 4 & 6 week training programmes as PDFs to help you pull it all together. Choose fat burning and conditioning from Claire or lean muscle building from James.

Meal Plans

Sample meal plans with macros alongside examples of a week’s eating. As with all the content we’ll continue to add and grow these out. Normal, Low Carb, Vegan & Vegetarian examples available.

Recipes With Macros

A recipe library of over 120 delicious meals, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snack and treats with macros. Low Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian and “normal” options.

Macro Calculator

Fully customise your nutrition with our Macro Calculator. Enter your stats, goals, activity levels and get your calorie needs and the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats ideal for you to hit your body goals.

Mindset Coaching

Claire & James draw on their Psychology, Coaching, NLP and Stress Management background to deliver simple, life changing tools and techniques to shift your behaviour for good.

Goal Setting

Find clarity and confidence with our tried and tested methods to get you clear on your what, why and how. It’s this groundwork that will lead to success. A roadmap is essential and we help you define it.

Expert Corner

We’re stressed out, time poor and confused by the serious amount of misinformation out there. Claire & James cut through it all with their humourous rants on what you should and shouldn’t be paying attention to.

Community & Support

You have a support network of people by your side. Unlike many apps and online communities from other well known health experts, Claire & James will be engaged with you frequently in the private Facebook Group.

Weekly Facebook Lives

Aside from our workouts we’ll also host weekly live Q&As where you can ask your questions – fitness related or otherwise. Plus we’ll be dropping in with lots of other ground breaking content private Facebook group to make your journey easier.

Exercise Library

You’ll find a huge library of exercises in this section, just in case you forget your burpess from your barbell curl! We will keep adding to this as we go but for now there’s over 200 moves in there for you to try!

Member Benefits

Our members will receive discounts on our holidays, supplements & sports wear and more. Plus you can order personalised custom 6 week training plans, nutrition plans and one-on-one coaching with Claire & James.

For Corporate Enquiries Please Contact Us And We'll Be Glad To Get You Started