September 28, 2018

Academy Membership

The Academy
Less than £1 per day

Weekly Live Workouts

HIIT workouts delivered live in the Facebook group each week – train along with us and other Academy members

Real Time Workouts

The Live HIIT workouts saved and uploaded for you to do when you want. Train in real time.

Body Part Workouts

Circuit based body part workouts from James and Claire uploaded every month. Make your own programme, pick a body part, grab and go.

HIIT Workouts

New HIIT workouts uploaded every month. Focussed on various goals such as fat burning, muscle toning and fitness for you to do at the gym or home.

4-6 Week Programmes

We have 4 & 6 week training programmes as PDFs to help you pull it all together. Choose fat burning and conditioning from Claire or lean muscle building from James.

Meal Plans

Sample meal plans with macros alongside examples of a week’s eating. As with all the content we’ll continue to add and grow these out. Normal, Low Carb, Vegan & Vegetarian examples available.

Recipes With Macros

A recipe library of over 120 delicious meals, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snack and treats with macros. Low Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian and “normal” options.

Macro Calculator

Fully customise your nutrition with our Macro Calculator. Enter your stats, goals, activity levels and get your calorie needs and the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats ideal for you to hit your body goals.

Mindset Coaching

Claire & James draw on their Psychology, Coaching, NLP and Stress Management background to deliver simple, life changing tools and techniques to shift your behaviour for good.

Goal Setting

Find clarity and confidence with our tried and tested methods to get you clear on your what, why and how. It’s this groundwork that will lead to success. A roadmap is essential and we help you define it.

Expert Corner

We’re stressed out, time poor and confused by the serious amount of misinformation out there. Claire & James cut through it all with their humourous rants on what you should and shouldn’t be paying attention to.

Community & Support

You have a support network of people by your side. Unlike many apps and online communities from other well known health experts, Claire & James will be engaged with you frequently in the private Facebook Group.

Facebook Lives

Aside from our workouts we’ll also host regular live Q&As where you can ask your questions – fitness related or otherwise. Plus we’ll be dropping in with lots of other great content in our private Facebook group to make your journey easier.

Exercise Library

You’ll find a huge library of exercises in this section, just in case you forget your burpess from your barbell curl! We will keep adding to this as we go but for now there’s well over 200 moves in there for you to try!

Member Benefits

Our members will receive discounts on our holidays, supplements & sports wear and more. Plus you can order personalised custom 6 week training plans, nutrition plans and one-on-one coaching with Claire & James.

Join The Academy
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Our 4 Pillar System For Sustainable
Health & Happiness


Most people equate hours in the gym to getting results. Then get frustrated when they still can’t fit into their jeans. We show you how to work out smarter, with simple, easy to follow solutions that we ourselves use. Less hours sweating and more time to enjoy life. You’ll ditch the boring cardio and feel fitter, stronger, leaner and more body confident.


We educate you on how to manage your nutrition, so that no foods are banned. We’re all about flexible, balanced eating so you can free yourself from the trap of yo-yo dieting. Our approach is stress-less and nourishing and you certainly won’t be hungry. No complicated recipes and no endless meal prep.


This is a lifestyle shift that delivers permanent change. We make sure you’re supported in doing the ground work first – so that your mind is equipped for success. This means clarity on your goal, letting go of what’s been holding you back and designing a route to success that feels right for you. You deserve to thrive and after years of experience in Psychology, we’ll show you everything you need to know to master your mindset.


Even though the world is a ‘smaller place’ due to technology, many of us feel more isolated than ever. We miss ‘community’ – and the accountability that comes with it. When people believe in us, we don’t want to let them down. And that’s where the incredible Academy community comes in. Everyone’s in the same boat, you’ll never feel alone and we’re right by your side. Live Q&As, a private Facebook group, live workouts and coaches to motivate you.


This is what Alexis has to say about her life changing experience….


It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out, or have been exercising all your life; these guys have got a fitness solution for you. They train smart and teach you to do the same. They are the most incredibly inspirational pair!
Emma E-J
They are super empowering. They provide a really supportive, caring environment and have given me a whole new outlook on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Would completely recommend.
The Academy has rendered my ym membership useless. It truly is everything I need in one place. They are there whenever you need questions answered and the community is a great place to meet people.

The Academy is a lifetsyle shift....

It might be that...

You never feel good enough

You feel trapped by yo-yo diets

You lose weight then put more back on after

You hate boring, lengthy workouts, but feel like you should do them

You're low on energy, depressed and comfort eat

Travel a lot and don't know how to stay on track

Hide behind other things to mask how you feel about the way you look

Embarrassed to go to the gym or be on the beach

You frequently swing from motivated to totally giving up

wHat you really want is to...

Feel more confident naked

Find a sustainable way to get and keep a body you want without sacrifices life's pleasures​

Be the real you - not inside a body that feels like someone else's

Be proud of yourself - not just in a career, or wealth, but in health

Regain a zest for life - instead of going through the motions

Free yourself from the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting

Be fun to be around - stop counting calories and find a flexible way to manage your nutrition

Want less time in the gym and more time for adventures with the people you love

Have the support of like-minded people

Join The Academy

It takes just 2 minutes!

- no card required
- cancel any time
- no minimum contract

For just £27 a month (so less than a £1 per day or one PT session!) the Academy will reconnect you with who you’re meant to be. It will give you everything you’ll ever need to transform your lifestyle – leading to a healthier, leaner, lighter body – as well as developing a more balanced approach to food and exercise. You’ll understand how to take back control of your life and build the confidence to release yourself from the trap of yo-yo dieting.

At just £27, it’s better value than the gym membership you never use, more educational than the average PT and more supportive and motivational than your friends at work. James and Claire really want to help you change your life and they take it personally. That’s why there’s no minimum contracts, no cancellation fee and no silly gimmicks.

It’s totally free to try for 5 days with no card required.

How Does The Academy Stack Up?

Online Options e.g the Body Coach, Kayla Itsines etc

The Academy is a great deal more personal. Although we totally rate and admire people like The Body Coach, it’s unrealistic for Joe himself to host weekly live Q&As or be in active in a private Facebook Community! In the Academy, you’ll get a chance every week to pose your questions directly and have them answered by Claire & James. They’ll do a live workout with you each week and motivate and support you in the group.

Face to Face PT sessions in the local gym

The Academy is there as a constant resource centre. James and Claire have been personal trainers in gyms and there's only so much time in the day. What the Academy offers is video workouts - live and ready to go wherever you are. It's convenient, 24/7 access with experts. Plus you have the added bonus of being in a communtity, sharing your experiences. A PT is stretched for time - but here, all you need is at your fingertips.

Diet plans e.g. Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc

These are simply focusing on what you're eating. There's no support and advice for how to create a healthy lifetsyle - just how to lose weight. The essense of these plans isn't about sustainability as you're reliant on their eating plans and if you deviate you're unsure how to get back on track. The Academy educates you so you're in control of your own life. It's a happy, flexible approach to food - ditching guilt for good.

Sign up now and step into the body and life you deserve

James & Claire