March 14, 2019

Midlife Mentors


Helping mid lifers regain control of the lives through
customised health, fitness and nutrition

You're a mid lifer

The pressure to be at the top of our game in EVERY area of our life is huge.
Therefore so is the potential to feel like we’ve failed.
We’re supposed to have our sh*t together.

But many of us don’t.

Instead we

Drink way too much alcohol to numb family and work pressure

Stay locked in a job we hate because of a huge mortgage or other debt

Watch our waistline expand by the day as our confidence dives

Feel too tired for sex

Have affairs to feel alive

Comfort eat and then yo yo diet

Feel increasingly anxious and hate that every day feels like groundhog day

Get put on anti-depressants, sleeping pills and beta blockers

Whether you’re male or female, you’re not alone.
This is more common than you think.

As mid lifers ourselves we can not only relate, but have experience of working with others just like you.
What’s clear is that we all want to feel





We want to be in control. We want to do things that matter.
We want to feel involved in our own life.
And we want to do it in a body that feels healthy - mentally and physically.

What we don’t need is more faddy, one size fits all BS - that plays to the apathy and cynicism our generation is famous for.

Which is why with our 20 years plus combined experience we’ve become known for our balanced, authentic and sustainable fitness and nutrition solutions, that don’t take over your life and are easy to implement.

As mid lifers we just want to make sure the rest of our life is spent well - healthy and happy. It’s not so much about how we look, but how we feel. In essence - this doesn’t have to be a time of crisis. It can be an opportunity to redefine who we are and what we want, as well as harness the wisdom that comes with age.”


One to one totally customised 8 week lifestyle transformation programme that takes an inside out approach.


The Map

The necessary groundwork needed to develop a deep understanding of where you are right now. We discover what's going on inside your body to create a completely customised plan specifically designed around your individual genetic and hormonal make-up.

The Mindset

This is about syncing the mind body connection so that everything is in alignment. This is essential to your success.
Together we make sure you operate at your optimum by course correcting unhelpful patterns of thinking, habits and behaviour.

Body Breakthrough

This is how we see tangible results. The Mindset changes the way you feel. The Body Breakthrough transforms the physical. We create a completely customised training and eating plan that puts you in the driving seat, so you feel energised, strong, fit and healthy.

Identity Blueprint

Together we’ll align you with the vision of your future self and put systems and tools in place that will get you closer every single day. We consider your core values and priorities - so you feel purposeful, powerful and present HERE and NOW in the process.​


Award winning luxury retreats tailored specifically for mid lifers.

Having been in operation since 2012, with hundreds of positive press and trip advisor reviews under our belt , we're experts at hosting high end, transformational experiences.

Our immersive Midlife Mastery retreat brings together everything you need to know to dramatically improve the quality of your life.
With your body, your lifestyle pressures and your goals in mind.


5 Star Luxury Accommodation

You'll stay with us at our handpicked luxury locations, where we have every element of your retreat covered. With onsite spas, incredible rooms, beachside pools and lush surroundings, you'll feel totally relaxed, invigorated and looked after.

Award Winning

We have a flexible approach to eating. Food is to be enjoyed! We don't put restrictions on your choices - but offer guidance on options that support your goals. The food at our locations is second to none, with service to match.

Education &

As mid lifers ourselves we know how important it is to know yourself from the inside out. We spend time explaining how to get the best from your body and mind and cover everything from nutrition, stress, sleep, staying on track and habit change.


We don't overwhelm. We share practical, easy to implement solutions that fit in with your busy mid life lifetsyle. Small changes that have a huge positive impact on your health and happiness. 15 minute fat burning at home workouts, little tweaks to make to your diet and strategies to manage your time.


You want results - physically and mentally. You want to know how to be the best version of yourself. And as leading experts in our field, we're well versed at ensuring you have all the tools you need by the time you leave us. We have years of experience in training, nutrition - as well as NLP, coaching, stress management and psychology.

Authentic & Balanced

As mid lifers we don't want to be patronised or given a strict set of rules. Our balanced, authentic and professional approach is what we're known and loved for. It's what brings clients back over and over again. We eliminate any pressure to be perfect and simply offer ways to live well for the rest of your life.

We only run these retreats twice a year.
Numbers are kept small to ensure personal one to one time with us.

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