August 2, 2018

7 Day Body:Rebalance

7 Day Body:REBalance

The ultimate kick start to healthy eating for women

Plus expert guidance on how to.....
Regain control, ditch the unhelpful eating habits and feel energised throughout the day. FOR GOOD.

Here's How It Works...

(you get lifetime access to all of this...)

Follow The Meal Plan
& Recipes

Expert Nutrition
The Ultimate Video Guide

Be Beach Body Ready

  • Simple, done for you 7 day meal plan to kick start a new way of eating
  • Delicious, clean, healthy food choices
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Carefully crafted for sustainable fat loss
  • BONUS Book of 40 recipes - including vegan and vegetarian options
  • Flexibilty to swap recipes - with detailed calorie and macro information to keep you in track
  • 6 week meal planner template guide to help you sustain your new healthy eating habits
  • You won't feel restricted or hungry - this is not a quick fix!
  • Understand what's stopped you getting results
  • Discover the best route to sustainable fat loss
  • Understand how hormones play a huge role in body composition
  • Increase your knowledge of macros and how to get the balance just right
  • Be educated on why the timing of eating hugely impacts success
  • Discover how to ditch the fad diets and be in control for good
  • Learn how to NEVER restrict your food again
  • Be shown a mentally and physically healthy way to have a positive relationship with food
  • This is our Bonus gift to you - that includes a free real time, at home workout
  • Also includes weekly training plan example
  • Weights workout programme with just a kettle bell to create a lean physique
  • The guide delves into the secrets we use to enhance the success of our clients
  • Exercise is as important as nutrition - and we provide you with the essentials to get you moving
  • Learn mindset hacks to ensure your habits are in line with your goals
  • Understand when to time your workouts

Our Results

The 38 Degrees North team were really motivating and focused on helping each participant achieve the most. I took away loads of tools and tips to help me sustain a healthy lifestyle.
Teressa L
James and Claire had a great attitude to health and wellness, focusing on balance and sustainable health rather than quick fixes and restriction. They are also full of enthusiasm and really helped motivate me to focus on goals in the medium and longer term.
Maddy P

What you get

Included: 7 Day Meal Plan Pack

  • Complete Done For You 7 Day Meal Planner With Recipes
  • Shopping & Ingredients List
  • List Of Recommended Snacks
  • List Of Recommended Vegetables
  • Blank 6 Week Meal Planner Template
  • 40 Healthy Recipes, including vegan and vegetrian option
  • Nutrition Basics Downloadable guide

Included: Nutrition Essentials
Information Video

  • Debusting industry fads and find out what's scuppered your success
  • Learn about macros - what they are, what they're good for and how to manage them in your daily diet
  • Understand why your hormones play a huge role in preventing fat loss
  • Get expert advice on how to time your meals for success
  • We reveal why certina food such as fruit isn't always your friend
  • Discover the ultimate key to managing your body composition - for good

Included: 40 Delicious Recipes
With Nutritional &
Macro Information

  • Bonus recipe book
  • Vegan and vegetarian meal options available - to allow for flexibility (7 day plan is meat/ fish based)
  • All macro information included on every recipe, as well as calories

Included: Beach Body Guide

  • Access to real time, at home body weight HIIT workout
  • Training Tips
  • Mindset Tips to keep you on track
  • Supplement Tips
  • Why To Train Fasted For Fat Losss
  • Full Body Weights Workout


Meet Your Coaches

Claire and James have been in the health and fitness industry for a number of years. They own one of Europe’s leading luxury wellness retreat companies, which has been featured in the likes of Tatler, Condé Nast Traveller, the New York Times and The Sunday Telegraph.

Both had successful corporate careers in London spanning 15 years, but the passion for entrepreneurship beckoned. Mid thirties and craving change, they took their personal passion for health and wellness and turned it into a sustainable lifestyle business to share with others – first in Ibiza and now in Marbella and the UK.

Experts in body transformation, peak performance and self development, Claire and James have enabled change in thousands of clients. Their mission is to educate and inspire as many people as possible to strive for their own version of excellence and not settle for mediocrity – through prioritizing sustainable health and wellness.

Claire and James have delivered coaching, wellness and stress management programs across the UK and US and been invited to speak at various Health and Self Development events.

Below are some of the qualifications they frequently utilise in their science based, sustainable wellness programs.

– NLP Practitioner, Business Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Nutritional Advisor, Fat Loss and Lifestyle Coach and PT.
James – BA Psychology, MSc Applied Psychology, MBA, Nutritional Advisor, Lifestyle coach and PT.

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Years Coaching & NLP
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Clients trained
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Years Wellness Experience

More Of Our Results

James and Claire are fantastic trainers, with heaps of energy and enthusiasm, backed up by sound knowledge and a deep understanding of personal training. They also have experience in other areas such as nutrition and psychology which adds to the experience.
Clare N

Claire and James are the most incredibly inspirational and motivational pair and I sing their praises to everyone! It doesn't matter whether you're starting out, or have been exercising all your life; these guys have got a fitness solution for you. Bottom line, they train smart and they teach you how to do the same.

Emma EJ
I've come back stronger, leaner and keener than ever before with a new outlook on exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. James and Claire are an awe-inspiring team and have a real talent for getting to know you and getting the best out of you. They pushed me to my limits and beyond and still managed to make it fun.
Kate L

kick start your way to healthier habits, more energy and greater confidence

Claire & James





For Life


You Get All This

  • Lifetime Access
  • 7 Day Daily Meal Plan With Recipes
  • Expert Nutrition Video
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Shopping & Ingredients List
  • Snacks & Healthy Vegetables Lists
  • 40 Easy Healthy Recipe Cards
  • Beach Body Ready Guide With Workouts
  • 6 Week Meal Planner Template

Frequently asked questions

You get lifetime access to the Body:ReBalance Plan, including:

  • 7 Day Daily Meal Plan With Recipes PDF
  • Nutrition Video
  • Nutrition Guide PDF
  • Shopping & Ingredients List PDF
  • Snacks & Healthy Vegetables Lists PDFs
  • 40 Easy Healthy Recipe Cards PDF
  • Beach Body Ready Guide Training Tips PDF
  • 6 Week Meal Planner Template PDF

The plan is designed for an average woman for steady sustainable fat loss delivering approximately 1650 to 1750 calories per day. The plan is low in carbs also.

In the video we explain how to find your own specific calorie needs for weight loss and how to adjust your calories up or down accordingly.

Yes, very, every recipe is clearly written out.

Of course! This plan is great for a kick start and you also get educational information and 40 recipes so you can sustain your healthy living.