September 27, 2018



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"This is life changing. I can't believe the change in my body and mind in just two weeks"

Lysie, Ibiza Beach Body, Sep 2018

Ibiza Beach Body

4 week, at home transformational programme, developed by Claire, with time poor, busy women in mind.

Get in the best shape of your life with this done for you training programme and daily meal plan. It delivers sustainable results – and fits in with your lifestyle. It’s changed bodies and minds – and we’d love you to be next.

Body Re:Balance
Meal Plan

This is the ultimate kick start for women who need to regain control of their diet and eating habits.

The 7 day plan not only gives you a step by step meal plan, but most importantly educates you on how to eat for your goals, the best way to time your meal, plus how hormones affect fat loss. This is a practical guide to sustainable results.

40 Plus 5 Day
Free Kick Start

This 5 day FREE programme is designed for Gen-X midlifers as a kick start to regain control of your fitness, diet and eating habits.
The 5 Day course contains real time video workouts, meal plan, recipes (including vegan and vegetarian), mindset coaching and is supported with motivational emails and a free facebook group. Register now and start your journey back to fitness. This is the perfect taster for the 4 Week Plan.

40 Plus Back To Fitness 4 Week Programme

4 week, at home transformational programme, developed by Claire and James specifically for the 40 plus mid-lifers, who are time poor, but still want to look and feel great.
Start your journey back to health and happiness with this progressive, online, on demand training programme and daily meal plan. We show you that lifestyle change can be easy – without taking over your life. This is all about balance and sustainability.